Pat Travers and his band kick it at Eddie’s Attic


While most Atlanta avid rock fans were attending the Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour at the Bobby Dodd Stadium last night, true hard core Pat Travers’ fans were at the famed Eddie’s Attic venue in Decatur, GA for the opening night of Travers’ Southeast Tour. And what a treat for those fans!

Travers is a on a one week stint across select cities in the southeast and Atlanta had the fortune of being his first stop. From here, Travers will head to Birmingham, AL, Jackson, MS (where he will appear with BOSTON), Shreveport, LA, and Memphis, TN, before concluding in Music City Nashville, TN.

The fortunate fans that filled this tightly packed quaint setting were treated to an up-close and personal performance by the legendary guitarist himself, Pat Travers, and his band with Kirk McKim (lead guitar), Rodney O’Quinn (bass), and Sandy Gennaro (drums). Their tag line says “Makin Music in the South East!” and that they did.

To get the crowd movin’ and shakin’ for the evening was Atlanta-based rock quartert 68-75 led by female vocalist Suzanne Sledge accompanied by Andrew Cyler on guitar, Wolf Mahan on bass, and Kevin Pinson on drums. They put on a soulful, rocking performance showcasing Suzanne’s powerhouse vocals. The band performed a 45 minute set of originals “Drunk,” “Dogtooth,” and “Call My Number,” reminiscent of the ‘70s rock era, along with several others, as well as treating the crowd to a tribute to the Stones with their version of “Bitch.” Sledge admittedly stated they didn’t have much time to perfect the song, but a crowd member assured them it was okay as he yelled “We didn’t want to hear the Stones any way, that’s why we’re here!” That drew a great response from the audience and 68-75 continued with a solid performance. So if you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure and check out 68-75 and catch a live show.

At around 9 pm, Travers quietly took the stage, but what was to come next was an hour and 45 minutes of pure rock and roll with a full-blown performance that was worthy of a stadium crowd. I don’t think Eddie’s Attic was even ready for that! The mostly middle-aged male audience, peppered with female fans as well, came with old albums in hand hoping for an autograph. The testosterone filled room was fully engaged for the evening with fist pumping, head banging, hand clapping, and of course air guitar and drums!

The fans got what they paid for and more. The Pat Travers Band rocked out to hit songs like “Snortin’ Whiskey,” “Crash and Burn,” “Black Betty,” “Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights),” Ray Charles’ “I Got News for You,” as well as many other fan faves. Before performing “Diamond Girl,” Travers said this was one of his favorite songs from one of the best albums he’s done, Can Do, and dedicated it to “all the girls, ladies and women here tonight and around the world.” And what performance wouldn’t be complete with an encore? Travers delivered with an energetic, hard rocking performance of “Born Under a Bad Sign.”

To see musicians of this caliber up close and personal was nothing short of amazing. Travers ripping on it guitar, O’Quinn slapping the bass, McKim’s solid guitar licks, and Gennaro killing it on drums. Throughout the evening Travers received standing ovations, song requests from the crowd, and a lot of “Oh, Yeahs.” I say, “Oh, Yeah” if you’re a fan of classic blues/rock and roll, put “attend a Pat Travers show” on your bucket list.


Life in London
Crash n burn
Ray Charles.. I Got News for You
Black Betty
Diamond Girl
Heat in the Street
Statesboro Blues
Snortin’ whiskey
Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)

Born Under a Bad Sign





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