Your Dog Can Rock Too!


Every dog lover wants for the rest of the world to see how amazingly cute their dog is. It can be hard to find gear for your dog that is exciting and comfortable for them to wear. When looking for exciting dog gear, try to find something unique that will set your dog apart. If you want your dog to be able to be original and unique, you need to take the time to find them a rocking look that they can truly enjoy.

Many of the great rock designers have started making gear for dogs. They know that dog owners want their pets to look great and have a rocking style, and finding these styles had been somewhat difficult. Now, thanks to people like rock star Bret Michaels, Los Angeles designer to the stars Nicolina Royale, and New York designer Jodi Head, they have started creating awesome gear that will allow any dog to stand out from the crowd and look great.

When people think about leather-studded dog collars, they usually think of black leather collars with a few studs on them. There is now a wide variety of leather-studded colors available for dogs of any size. The collars are available in many different colors and the studs can come in different sizes and patterns. It is important to choose a collar that will fit your dog well and that shows their unique personality. It is also important for your dog to feel comfortable with the collar that they are wearing or they may try to take it off continuously.

Nicolina Royale has several styles available, one with pyramid studs and Swarovski crystals!  Adorn one of her sterling silver dog charms to complete the look!


Jodi Head has some colorful collars and leashes available in various patterns and she also has guitar straps to match!  That means that you and your dog can match and look totally rocking.
Another great idea for some great dog gear is to get a stylish harness. Many dogs are easier to control when they are on a harness. The harness will give you the ability to have better control over your dog because the harness will pull at multiple areas of their body at once, rather than just around their neck. Dog harnesses are often available in many different sizes, so it should be easy for you to find a harness that fits your dog and that he or she will love. Check out this one from Nicolina Royale!

Whatever style you choose, now you and your dog can rock that style together!

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