Los Angeles (November 2021): Gritty In Pink partnered with Charity Bomb on Tuesday, November 16, for a special Thanksgiving edition of Gritty Rocks Live via Gritty In Pink’s Instagram. The IG Live fundraiser paid homage to legendary female artists that have paved the way for a new generation of women in music, featuring a line-up of both music veterans and newcomers: Theo (Lunachicks), Jennifer Finch (L7), Bitch (Bitch and Animal), Kaleena Zanders, Chastity Ashley, The Aquadolls and S8NT ELEKTRIC. The show was sponsored by Cool Cat Wine, Guitar Girl Magazine, Pitfire Pizza, and Drew Martin. Charity Bomb is a preventative mental health organization using EQ/SEL education to instill emotional resilience. Viewers that donate have a chance to win a spot in Charity’s Bomb celebrity poker tournament; those who missed the show can donate directly to Operation GenZEQ.

Shiragirl opened the show with house bandmates Rainey P, and Sabrina Winter. They
performed a Gritty version of iconic riot grrrl anthem Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill, then switched
gears and welcomed Charity Bomb Founder Matthew Leone, to the show to discuss Charity’s Bomb’s mission and approaching their new initiative of gamification. “We’re building a gamified app and partnering with a company that specializes in VR. Engaging in this game will help you learn about the SEL education.”

Punk-rock veteran Theo (Lunachicks) joined the show to talk about Lunachicks new memoir Fallopian Rhapsody: The Story of the Lunachicks and female artists that inspire her. “It took a while for this, I began working on a memoir of my own with Jeanne Fury, and then at some point, I said I think it should be a band book before I do my own book.” Rock bassist icon Jennifer Finch (L7) joined the conversation and spoke on her experience in the industry. “I didn’t feel like we had made it until we met the Lunachicks and knew that there’s people like us in this world.” Newcomers The Aquadolls joined the chat to gush about their love for Lunachicks and L7, asked them advice for women entering the industry, then performed their song “Communicationissexy/idkhow2communicate.” The self-proclaimed “EDM Whoopi Goldberg ” Kaleena Zanders joined to talk about her recent performance at the Avalon, gearing up for her upcoming tour with SG Lewis, and releasing new music next year. “I have heaps of songs releasing in the new year, I’m really excited for everyone to hear.” DJ/vocalist Chastity Ashley (formerly a percussionist and backup vocalist for Duran Duran) discussed working in the studio, building her dynamic stage show, and releasing music in 2022. “Building my show as a drummer and DJ has been a total next-level experience for me. I’ve built a purist set so nothing is pre-recorded, I’m DJ-ing live, beat matching, and singing all at the same time.”

Gritty In Pink’s very own November Bandmate of the Month, Bitch joined the show to talk
about artists that inspired her, her band Bitch and Animal getting signed by Ani DiFranco,
playing at shows again and preparing for her new album BITCHCRAFT which is set to release on February 4, 2022. “I put out my last album in 2013 and I was on this wave of putting out an album every 2 years but I took my time on this. I feel like this is my best work yet.” Five-piece hard rock band S8NT ELEKTRIC closed the show with an acoustic version of their single “Someday.”

In case you missed the Gritty Rock’s Live Thanksgiving show, it is now available to watch on Gritty In Pink’s IGTV. For more information on Gritty In Pink, please visit their Instagram or website at for more information on future live shows.

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